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Flexi RMS is packed with powerful features which makes it easy for you to manage your daily operations while improving your overall guest services.

Our software has been designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts, the restaurant management
software can accommodate the most stringent operational requirement for various types of restaurants, bar and cafes

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Why Choose Us

When you think restaurant management, think FlexiRMS. FlexiRMS is an all-in-one software that streamlines and automate intricate restaurant operations to relatively simple tasks. Now, more time can be spent on improving customers’ experience and increase revenue.

FlexiRMS has been specially designed with the industry users and the customer’s customer in mind to bring about personalized services to the entire restaurant operations. The solution offers integrated inventory modules, customer management, full accounting, payroll processing, point of sales module, robust reports, iLoyalty etc.

Interestingly, our solution integrates seamlessly with third-party software applications and hardware systems.

Flexi RMS also affords you the opportunity to receive summarized reports no matter how far or near you are.


You are able to create various users and grant them access to certain features on the FlexiRMS, create card login for even more secure access, create mobile users, manage users etc.

Inventory Management

The inventory feature on Flexi aids you manage your stocks and inventory efficiently, reduce cost by eliminating wastage and giving you value for your money.


Issues such as merging bills, splitting bills, recalling receipts, voiding bills/receipts, adding or removing items from the bill are done at the click of a button.

Menu Management

The menu of a restaurant is its life. Every customer interacts with and makes decisions based on what looks or sounds appealing. Flexi gives you the ability to manage your recipe.


FlexiRMS has a fully integrated accounting system that caters and handles all restaurant’s financial activities and analysis which helps you take informed decisions based on these reports.

KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) Creation

Waiters can seamlessly place and track orders, give kitchen instructions and manage KOT without having to break a sweat. They can also split guest orders, merge orders, make reservations on Flexi.

“Looking for a way to maximize profit, reduce costs and provide an exceptional customer experience? Look no further. FlexiRMS provides the benefits of increased efficiencies and reduced mismanagement. Choose wisely, choose Flexi.”