Low Cost

Economically priced service



Receipt Entry time as low as 3 -4 seconds



Implementation time as low as 15 days depending on the property type and data.

Why choose Flexi RMS.?

Flexi RMS is a desktop-based solution that gives restaurant personnel’s all the means required to hasten operations. The dashboard affords users an easy access to various outlets created based on the unique operations of the restaurant. You may decide to have a Dine-In, Take-away, Ice Cream Section, however you choose to run your restaurant, the software can be tailored to suite your style.

KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) Creation

Waiters can seamlessly place and track orders, give kitchen instructions and manage KOT without having to break a sweat. They can also split guest orders, merge orders, make reservations on Flexi.

With the introduction of contactless order, customers can place orders and make payments all by themselves.

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We understand the importance roles and responsibilities; that is why the software was designed with access control. Now, users can be restricted to certain privileges.

You are able to create various users and grant them access to certain features on the FlexiRMS, create card login for even more secure access, create mobile users, manage users etc.

The process isn’t complete until bills have been issued and payments have been made. The entire billing process can either make or mar a good customer experience. The system has been properly equipped to handle any form of bill issues and make payments using a number of payment modes offered by the restaurant. Issues such as merging bills, splitting bills, recalling receipts, voiding bills/receipts, adding or removing items from the bill are done at the click of a button.

  • Billing
  • Bill Settlement
  • Recall Receipt
  • Split Bill
  • View/modify bills
  • Void bills
  • Outstanding bill settlement

The menu of a restaurant is its life. Every customer interacts with and makes decisions based on what looks or sounds appealing. Flexi gives you the ability to manage your recipes. You can create and edit multiple recipes, categorize recipes into groups and subgroups based on your restaurant operations.

Features such as unavailable list enables waiters to select items that aren’t available for order and remove them from the menu automatically pending the availability of that item.

  • Store master
  • Section creation
  • Item category
  • Item master
  • Waiter master
  • Recipe category
  • Recipe menu master
  • Kitchen instruction master

Inventory management poses to be one of the most daunting tasks in a restaurant. If not done carefully, it could lead to errors thereby causing false data or reporting in all divisions. The inventory feature on Flexi aids you manage your stocks and inventory efficiently, reduce cost by eliminating wastage and giving you value for your money.

  • Ledger creation
  • Cash receipts
  • Journal entry
  • Voucher entry
  • Voucher renumbering
  • Merge accounts

Our Working Process



We shall set up a meeting with the prospective client to understand their needs and problems. Then, our team of professionals will conduct a site survey. Finally, we would recommend appropriate solutions.



Following from the consultation phase, we will draft and send a detailed proposal which will contain information about the proposed solution(s) our team would be offering. This is also the phase where we will discuss and finalize the commercials of the proposal.



Once payment has been confirmed and all data collected, our team will be mobilized for deployment. The duration for deployment is usually between 1 – 30 days, although this is dependent on the frequency at which data is received from the client.


Training and support

After the deployment of the software, owners, managers and users are trained based on their roles and functions. The training team usually ensures that the trainees understand the solution and also allow for quality interaction during and after the training sessions. We also provide training manuals for personal use or further guidance. Upon complete deployment and training of our solutions, we offer one-year free support to our clients. However, support from the second-year will be payable.

“Restaurant operations are complex. However, it's imperative that owners and managers have a solution that simplifies the complexity. This is where Flexi RMS comes in. Our solution ensure seamless, flexible and simplified operations.”