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Goods Inward

Transaction → Goods Inward

Goods Inwards means a procedure under which certain goods or products can be brought into a company or organization or customs etc.

Goods Inward aims for a same day delivery of goods or the next working day at the latest.

\\GWPL POS-2\z\SOFTWARE\RESTAURANT\trade restaurant image\goods inward.png

This field is used for enter the Stocks.

You purchase any kind of material or goods that should be entering this field. What are the materials in Ingredients material master that only display in this

field of Item Code, Description, Qty, Unit, Rate & Amount.

Before entering any material check it once at Raw Material List.

Invoice No. is automatically display, you enter only Bill No.

Supplier Name also Mention in Supplier Master, that only display in this Supplier name field.

When you want to add any material, enter Bill No, select the Supplier Name, Item Code & Item Description press to Add then enter any other charges, tax,

discount and Notes after completing of all entries then press Save.

Before you want to Remove of any material click on which one you want to remove then press to Remove.

Whenever you want to search, click on Search and select the item that should be display in window, once again click on search the appear box will close.

And supplier ledger also select and do you want change the supplier ledger press the New button.

When you want to close the application then press to Close.  And these entry shown to the Day Book.