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Introducing GWPL POS Restaurant  Software

GWPL POS Restaurant has Easy User interface for process the KOT creation, Billing, Recipe Menu, Stock taking and Accounting.

GWPL POS Restaurant General Ledger is the highly flexible core of all financial accounting applications.  Using this module, you establish your chart of accounts

according to the way your business operates.  Then you can post accounting transactions, process, summarize, report, and close your books smoothly each

month, quarter, and year.  A record is kept of all your financial data, providing you with timely business information and the assurance that a complete audit

trail is beneath your business transactions.

GWPL POS Restaurant is helps you to easily manage and organize your Restaurant reservations, customers and rooms.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\trade restaurant image\kot creation.png

GWPL POS Restaurant features:
?    KOT Creation
?    KOT entry by Keyboard, KOT Entry by Touch Screen, KOT for Direct Billing and Token System.

?    Goods Inward, Transfer and Consumption entry and Stock Reports

?    Multi payment mode options, Credit bills Settlements...

?    Bill Settlement Process

?    Restaurant Reservation..

?    Stock transfer

?    Ledger Reports

?    Daily Cash Balance.

?    Trail balance.

?    Profit and Loss A/c Statement

?    Balance Sheet.

In GWPL POS Restaurant Software there is several type of Entry module can be set as per requirement. We can use Keyboard Module, Touch Screen Modules, or Direct

billing module.

The Keyboard only is the module used for operate the KOT and Billing just using Computer keyboard. The easy interface is designed to operate the screen.

There we provided Shortcut function keys to operate the software without much effort.

The Touch Screen POS interface is mainly used for operate on mouse or Touch Screens. Here also made easy navigation by Hand tip or by Mouse.

In Touch Screen, Firstly Display the Table list then clicking on Table number it prompts to KOT Creation Screen. Here also we can use Shortcut function key as


Directly Billing is option available in Keyboard based interface as well as Touch Based Interface. Direct Billing is made for the purpose of instant Billing. Here

the System prints KOT and Billing on Single click.

Token System: - The Software had option for Token system for prepaid Services. In this system works same as Direct billing, But it generates Token for each


In Direct Billing and Token System the Bill Settlement is automatically done at the time of Billing.

Settlement is the process of accepting the payment and Posting to respective Accounts.

Settlements have various type, Cash, Credit, Credit Card, Room Service, Non Chargeable, Bank Transfer and as you can create Customized payment modes.


To Room Services/Hotel

The Software can be integrated to Hotel Management Software . Using this integration we can post the Food Bills Directly to Room Guest Ledger by Using

Room Services Mode.

The Software is enabled with export the receipt and payment entries to third party Software such as Busy, Tally using simple interfaces. And we can also enable

the export interface for other accounting software as per need.

Web Reporting Module.

Software is installs Web reporting module as Add On as per requirement. This module is the web based interface, which is designed to View or generate Real

time report on Web browser.  The Restaurant management person can view the Report from his mobile or Home computer at any point of time on any part of

the world.

Software is facilitated with interface for Automated Emailing and SMS sending to Managements or Customers. The Daily report and database backup also

attached in Email. The Program can be customizable.