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Material Category

Masters→ Material category

Material category is used for enter the category and main category name.


Here Main category is optional.

You want to create new category name and then click to the category and mention the name of the main category. 

Then select the indication color, for the category name.

And select the image of the item, if you want remove that image press Remove button.

You want save the details press Save button.

When the save the details it will display the Left pane Table.

When you want to modify the category name, click on the table list and Edit then click on Save.

If you want Delete the record, select the table list and click on Delete button.

Reset is the button it will Refresh (clear) the details.

If you print the details click on Print button, this will display automatically in Excel sheet.

You want to close the application Press to Close.

* This mark is Indicate the compulsory fill the details.