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Store Master

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What is Store?

Store is the act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later. While a small home-based business might be store products in a spare room, basement,

or kitchen, larger businesses typically own or rent space in a building that is specifically designed for storage.


This is the Entry Module for Store Master.

When you want to create a new store master,

Enter the Store name and Click on Save Button.

Default Store is an option to enable the name of Default Storage place for Restaurant.

When the entry is stored, the list of Record will be displayed at Left side table.

When you want to modify any Store name, Click on Table list and Edit the Name then Click on Save Button.

When you want to Delete a record. Select the Store name from table and Click on Delete Button.

Reset is the Button to Refresh the Entry Screen.

Close is the Button to Exit from this Module.

* This mark is Indicate the compulsory fill the details.