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Recipe Menu Master

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This field is used for Enter New Recipes. You want to create New Recipes?

Then click on Create New, one window will appear.

You want Edit or Delete recipes, click one recipe name and press to Edit Or Delete.

When you want to print both recipe menus then click on Print.

When you want to update the recipes then click on Edit, and one window will open then you will edit details.

Bulk edit is the edit the details of the description.

This details is export the Excel sheet.

Import from excel button press and one window will open, then here will be update the file (select the file) then press Apply Button.

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Here enter the code number, short name, Description,Category here also create new category, then mention Recipe Group, and Section.

Then mention the Define Rate (Name Editable on KOT, Seasonal Rate), Unit, Tax percent, Service Amount, Food Cost percent. And also mention the Inclusive of

Tax, Service Amount Inclusive, Discount percent.

Click on Save for save the details of recipe description.

Here Add Ingredients (Bill of materials) for each recipe descriptions.

When you want remove ingredients from list, and then you select the description and press to remove.

And also mention the Rate Change History.

Click on Close for close the application.

* This mark is Indicate the compulsory fill the details.