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Stock Transfer

Transaction → Stock Transfer

Stock transfer is the act of moving goods from one part of the distribution goods to another. Stock transfer between branches and warehouses. Sometimes materials are transferred from one place (location or godown) to another.

 Through this entry stock of the respective locations are adjusted, though the total stock of allocations remain same.

\\Good Worths Partners Limited-2\z\SOFTWARE\RESTAURANT\trade restaurant image\stock transfer.png

Stock transfer is used for the transfer of goods from within Restaurant and Other Restaurant or Location.

You want to transfer the goods from within the Restaurant tick Within Restaurant, and select the Stock From and Stock Transfer To.

Then press the Code number of Item, Description, and how much Qty Transfer, Unit and also mention Rate of the Item.

Then click the Add and show the Details of Item Code, Item Description, Qty, Unit Rate and Amount.

And Save that details.

Same Procedure of Other Restaurant, Here enter the name of “Stock Transfer To”.

When you want close the application press Close.